Rave Kratom Tablets – Max Strength 80% Extract – 2 Pack

200mg total alkaloids

Check this out! The Rave Kratom team has just launched an exciting new product: Max Strength 80% Extract Tablets. After their vein-specific extract shots became super popular, they decided it was time to expand their lineup. And yes, they’re sticking with the full-spectrum kratom approach for these super strong tablets, just like they did with their shots.

Rave has really stepped up their game with some high-tech extraction methods to pack these tablets with all the powerful components of the plant, making sure you get a high dose of alkaloids in every tablet. Each one is made with a hefty 80% full-spectrum mitragynine extract.

They’re kicking things off with a 2-pack with 200mg of total alkaloids. For those who usually stick to kratom powder, just one of these tablets is as potent as 6-7 grams of the powder. These tablets are perfect for anyone looking for that extra kick from their kratom!

Wondering how to switch from kratom powder to these extract tablets? It can be tricky to figure out the right amount to take if you’re new to kratom extracts. But don’t worry, Rave Kratom has got your back! They’ve simplified things so you don’t have to stress about the math.

Extracts are just a concentrated form of the regular kratom, meaning they pack more of the good stuff into a smaller dose. Rave has already calculated everything for you. For instance, each tablet, with its 100mg of active alkaloids from an 80% extract, matches up to 6-7 grams of the regular kratom powder. So, you can easily find your perfect dose without the guesswork.