Rave Kratom Shot – HEAVY Strawberry Mango + Kanna & Gaba

150mg Kratom + 25mg Kanna + 80mg Gaba

Rave Kratom has just introduced the coolest new drink called the HEAVY Kratom + Kanna + Gaba Shot, and it’s the latest addition to their special “Targeted Kratom” collection. This collection is all about mixing Kratom with other amazing natural herbs to give you a specific kind of feeling that’s just what you’re looking for.

Rave mixed a bunch of natural herbs with Kratom this time to make a shot that’s super relaxing and gives you a big, happy feeling! This yummy strawberry mango flavored shot might just be the most powerful one they’ve made yet!

The HEAVY Shot comes in a 2oz bottle that you can close up and take with you wherever you go. Inside, there’s 150mg of Kratom extract, 25mg of Kanna extract, and 80mg of Gaba, all coming together to make something really special. They’ve used their super strong 80% full spectrum Kratom extract and top-notch Kanna and Gaba extracts to give you an awesome experience.

When you try the HEAVY Shot, you’ll feel super relaxed and happy. The best way to describe it? It’s like a really deep, calming feeling. If you’ve tried Rave’s NUMB shots before, this one’s kind of like that but with an even cozier buzz.

Kratom helps you feel calm and focused, Kanna lifts your mood and makes you feel euphoric, and Gaba relaxes your body and mind in a deep way. All three of these natural herbs work together perfectly to make you feel amazing. Give it a try and see how great you can feel!