Rave Kratom Shot – NUMB Blueberry Lemon + Kava

150mg Kratom + 150mg Kava

Hey, have you heard about the cool new drink from Rave Kratom? It’s called the NUMB Kratom + Kava Shot, and it’s part of their awesome “Targeted Kratom” collection. They’ve made this collection to mix Kratom with other natural herbs, so you get just the feeling you’re looking for. And the NUMB shot? It’s a special mix that people have loved for hundreds of years!

This NUMB Shot is packed in a 2oz bottle that you can easily take with you, and you can close it up if you don’t finish it all at once. Inside, there’s a delicious blueberry lemon mix with 150mg of mitragynine (that’s a part of Kratom that gives you energy) and 150mg of kava extract (that’s what makes you feel chill). Rave uses a really strong 80% full spectrum Kratom extract and top-quality kava extract to make these powerful shots even better!

When you try a NUMB Shot, you’ll feel an amazing mix of feeling energized and relaxed at the same time. This shot has a bit more focus on mitragynine, which means it’s great for feeling more awake and focused. Kava adds a relaxing touch. Together, they’re perfect for making you feel just right, with a great balance of energy and chill.

So, if you’re looking for a way to feel both energized and relaxed, the NUMB Shot by Rave Kratom is the way to go. Try it out and see how great it can make you feel!